What is so wrong with interracial dating

22-Jan-2018 10:38

I will include the image and the status that is shared with it: This is why black men choose to date white and Latino women sometimes, black women don’t know how to give a man peace they are never satisfied or happy you are either doing too much or not doing enough.Today’s black women just don’t do well in relationships or marriages, I’m not trying to be mean but it’s the truth, black women demoralize and disrespect black men entirely too much in relationships that’s why many black men won’t commit to them.Making it wrong is why people will be obsessing over it.When people have issues with it, it's generally not because of the ir partnership, it's more about the disrespect received, such as bm insulting bw and bm not accomplishing good for their own countries and communities before they wreck it further by not taking care of their responsibilities first.And these scorned men share their reasons often and consistently.The following is a perfect example of a post you will see floating around on Facebook.

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I'd like to know if inter-racial dating is only a problem to people in small communities.

If you go to a bigger city, a more diverse city, there is inter-racial dating everywhere, and it has never phased me.

I have met many BW that I think are pretty and wouldnt mind getting to know. The only thing that should ever matter is how couples treat each other.

But some of the same loved ones who are skeptical of our relationship are in interracial relationships—even though they don’t consider their relationship so.

One loved one is white and though his wife’s skin looks white, she’s actually Puerto Rican and her grandfather was black, making their relationship by definition interracial.

Their biggest concern seems to revolve around the fact that our relationship is interracial—I’m white and he’s black.

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