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10-Sep-2017 03:26

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The Valentine’s Day matchmaking affair, which took place in Boylston Hall’s Ticknor Lounge, featured traditional speed dates as well as the addition of platonic “speed friending.” The pairs of speed daters negotiated the terms of the date at the start of their three-minute conversations. Song ’14, the president of the Independent, estimated that most students went on traditional speed dates, though some did choose to try speed friending.She said she was pleased by the overall turnout.“I think a lot of people had a great time, and people were able to meet a lot of other people,” Song said.For online conversations, participants were assigned a random person to talk with for 15 minutes.For in-person conversations, the researchers examined data from a previously published study of 110 people at a speed-dating event.The findings, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, show that those who asked more questions during a conversation, specifically follow-up questions, were perceived as more likable, both online and in person.

Dozens of students flocked to the Harvard Independent’s annual speed dating event Thursday night in search of love—or, for the first time this year, friendship.

spares singles the inconvenience of leaving the couch.

A new online dating service believes you can determine the love of your life after a three-minute video chat.

The service is now free, though there might be a subscription fee in the future.

harvard speed dating website-72

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y the standards of the algorithmic, instant-judgment online dating age, Jess Kushner (MBA 2008) and Ken Deckinger have a story fit for an old-fashioned romantic comedy. Kushner and Deckinger married in 2007, while Kushner—who now goes by Deckinger—was pursuing her MBA at HBS.First came the questionnaires and the ability to sift through the answers quickly, filtering potential dates by characteristics like age or location.